Geneva Synergy Group can help with the understanding and execution of effective logistics operations.

State-of-the-Art Logistics / Supply Chain

Get ahead of your logistics and supply chain challenges with the experience and attention-to-detail Geneva Synergy Group (GSG) can provide. We are known for being leaders in strategic planning, logistics and product line development to ensure you are supplying your customers with excellence that they will not find anywhere else.

We combine a unique system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources in moving your products efficiently from supplier to customer. Geneva Synergy Group is instrumental in leading you each step of the way toward having an optimized supply chain and lowering costs for your company.

Geneva Synergy Group works with ECOLAB who is a manufacturer of products for all forms of facility operations from Hospitality, Facility Care, to Healthcare facility maintenance and solutions. GSG helps them deliver best-in-class solutions for a consistently clean, sanitary environment. GSG assists ECOLAB to proactively prevent issues from becoming problems and ensure their facilities operate efficiently. Ecolab’s recent acquisition of Nalco expands our capabilities to water care.

Geneva Synergy Group is engaging with leading product line companies such as Pollock Paper and Packaging to help provide custom distribution services. For over 90 years, Pollock has had a strong customer commitment to build their reputation as a trouble-free supplier of their extensive lines of products. GSG is showing them a virtual “think tank” of ideas and approaches to strategic marketplace delivery in the diverse areas of their business.

GSG fulfills Medical Supplies needs with our strategic partner RAM Surgical . Geneva Synergy Group is playing an integral part in helping this growing medical/surgical  supplier expand their customer base with quality products and new delivery technologies. RAM Surgical and GSG are working with some of the largest hospitals and medical centers in Texas to provide excellence to their customers.

GSG provides a myriad of lighting and electrical products and services, including but not limited to a strategic partnership with Facilities Solutions Group (FSG), a leader in their industry.  With distribution relationships nationwide, direct manufacturing relations and their own service company.  We are able to provide Business Operations with anything from light bulbs to systems controls and Clarity energy solutions and everything in between.  Optimizing energy conservation solutions, rebate programs and cost containment programs optimizing business utilization resulting is savings dollars.  As a green solutions provider and Leed Certified engineers we are able to develop sustainable solutions.

As a diversity provider we are able to deliver sustainable, responsible solutions to our clients.  Cities, Higher Education, K-12, government agencies and private companies utilize GSG for all their operations needs.

The understanding and execution of effective logistics operations is where Geneva Synergy Group can help in your business. Let us know how we can make transformative improvements for you by filling in our Contact Us form or give us a call today at 817-988-2488.