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Leading-Edge Health Benefits Partners

When leading health care organizations put their trust in Geneva Synergy Group (GSG), they are seeking individualized insights and answers. GSG delivers the highest standards of service and support for our health benefits partners.

As an example, QuestRX Global is a holistic provider of healthcare services, specializing in providing employers, employees and families the appropriate level of medical care and education tools to empower employees to understand their healthcare benefits and costs to administer care.  Geneva Synergy Group works with QuestRX Global to impact employees and customers alike. GSG supports QuestRX Global in their benefits of providing nurse triage care, deep prescription discounts, employee educational tools and HR productivity.

Geneva Synergy Group works with ECOLAB which is a supplier of products for health care facility maintenance. GSG helps them deliver best-in-class solutions for a consistently clean, sanitary environment. GSG assists ECOLAB to proactively prevent issues from becoming problems and ensure their facilities operate efficiently.

Another exciting GSG health benefits client is RAM Surgical. Geneva Synergy Group is playing an integral part in helping this growing surgical instruments supplier expand their customer base with quality products and new delivery technologies. RAM Surgical and GSG are working with some of the largest hospitals and medical centers in Texas to provide excellence to their customers.

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